[Doctorow-L] Science fiction, Canada and the 2020s: my look at the decade ahead for the Globe and Mail

Cory Doctorow doctorow at craphound.com
Sun Dec 29 04:40:50 EST 2019

The editors of Canada's Globe and Mail asked me to reflect on what
science fiction can tell us about the 2020s for their end-of-the-decade
package; I wrote about how science fiction can't predict the future, but
might inspire it, and how the dystopian malaise of science fiction can
be turned into a inspiring tale of "adversity met and overcome – hard
work and commitment wrenching a limping victory from the jaws of defeat."

I describe a scenario for a "Canadian miracle": "As the vast majority of
Canadians come to realize the scale of the crisis, they are finally
successful in their demand that their government address it
unilaterally, without waiting for other countries to agree."


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