[Doctorow-L] My first picture book is out today!

Cory Doctorow doctorow at craphound.com
Tue Jul 14 11:31:42 EDT 2020

Wahoo! Today is the day my first-ever picture book comes out: it's POESY
THE MONSTER SLAYER, illustrated by Matt Rockefeller and published by
Firstsecond. It's an epic tale of toy-hacking, bedtime-avoidance and


The book's birthday is attended by a superb and glowing review from Kirkus:

"The lights are out, and the battle begins. She knows the monsters are
coming, and she has a plan. First, the werewolf appears. No problem.
Poesy knows the tools to get rid of him: silver (her tiara) and light.
She wins, of course, but the ruckus causes a 'cross' Daddy to appear at
her door, telling her to stop playing with toys and go back to bed. She
dutifully lets him tuck her back in. But on the next page, her eyes are
open. 'Daddy was scared of monsters. Let DADDY stay in bed.' Poesy keeps
fighting the monsters that keep appearing out of the shadows, fearlessly
and with all the right tools, to the growing consternation of her
parents, a Black-appearing woman and a White-appearing man, who are
oblivious to the monsters and clearly fed up and exhausted but used to
this routine. Poesy is irresistible with her brave, two-sided
personality. Her foes don’t stand a chance (and neither do her parents).
Rockefeller’s gently colored cartoon art enhances her bravery with
creepily drawn night creatures and lively, expressive faces.

"This nighttime mischief is not for the faint of heart. (Picture book. 5-8)"

Kirkus joins Publishers Weekly in its praise: "Strikes a gently edgy
tone, and his blow-by-blow account races to its closing spread: of two
tired parents who resemble yet another monster."


Last Sun, my daughter Poesy - the protagonist's namesake - and I went to
our local indie Dark Delicacies to sign 100+ pre-orders; there are a few
left in inventory, and we're planning on another round in the coming
weeks if you'd like a signed copy.


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