[Doctorow-L] Force Multiplier, a new Little Brother story

Cory Doctorow doctorow at craphound.com
Mon Jun 15 12:17:20 EDT 2020

My next novel is Attack Surface, the third Little Brother book, which
comes out in October. To celebrate, I've written a new Marcus Yallow
story, "Force Multiplier," about stalkerware, power, and revenge, as a
free bonus ebook and audiobook for people who pre-order the novel.

If you're in the UK, Australia, NZ, South Africa, Eire, and other parts
of the Anglosphere (excluding US/Canada), send your pre-order receipt to
Head of Zeus, the UK publisher:


In the US, Canada, and non-English-speaking countries, send your
pre-order receipt to Tor Books, the US publisher:


Attack Surface is a standalone novel for adults that stars Masha, the
young woman who both gets Marcus into and out of trouble at the start
and end of the first two Little Brother books. After the terrorist
attack that radicalizes Marcus, Masha joins the DHS.

She wants to hunt terrorists but instead finds herself embroiled in a
junk-science scheme to algorithmically attribute guilt to Muslims and
other disfavored minorities that the DHS has already decided to blame
for the attacks (Little Brother).

From there, Masha ends up in the private sector, working in the cyber
division of a mercenary outfit loosely based on Blackwater, where her
life outside of the US intelligence services' command structure makes
her a mother confessor for US spooks' guilty leaks (Homeland).

By the time we meet Masha in Attack Surface, she's working for a cyber
arms dealers similar to the NSO Group, helping ex-Soviet dictators put
down color revolutions while secretly helping the radicals evade the
spyware she spends her working days installing.

Disillusioned, Masha ends up back in Oakland, helping childhood friends
in a successor to the Movement for Black Lives who are being targeted by
the same cyberweapons she's spent her career developing and servicing.

It's a book about the limits of self-knowledge, about how smart people
can talk themselves into doing the worst things imaginable and then
excuse it by telling themselves that anyone else would do the same
thing, given the chance.

And it's a book about allyship, and the problems of appointing yourself
the cyber-defense force of someone else's political struggle.

(And yes, Marcus is in it too, as is Ange!).

It got a fabulous review from Publishers Weekly: "The high stakes and
believable world keep the pages turning. Doctorow’s fans will be pleased."


PS: Thanks to Eva Galperin for help with Force Multiplier!

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