[Doctorow-L] Attack Surface is out!

Cory Doctorow doctorow at craphound.com
Tue Oct 13 12:44:00 EDT 2020

Today is the US/Canada release-date for Attack Surface, the third Little
Brother book. It's been a long time coming (Homeland, the second book,
came out in 2013)!

It's the fourth book I've published in 2020, and it's my last book of
the year.


When the lockdown hit in March, I started thinking about what I'd do if
my US/Canada/UK/India events were all canceled, but I still treated it
as a distant contingency. But well, here we are!

My US publisher, Tor Books, has put together a series of 8 ticketed
events, each with a pair of brilliant, fascinating guests, to break down
all the themes in the book. Each is sponsored by a different bookstore
and each comes with a copy of the book.


We kick off the series TONIGHT at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern with "Politics
and Protest," sponsored by The Strand NYC, with guests Eva Galperin (EFF
Threat Lab) and Ron Deibert (U of T Citizen Lab).


There will be video releases of these events eventually, but if you want
to attend more than one and don't need more than one copy of the book,
you can donate your copy to a school, prison, library, etc. Here's a
list of institutions seeking copies:


And if you are affiliated with an organization or institution that would
like to put your name down for a freebie, here's the form. I'm checking
it several times/day and adding new entries to the list:


I got a fantastic surprise this morning: a review by Paul Di Filippo in
the Washington Post:


He starts by calling me "among the best of the current practitioners of
near-future sf," and, incredibly, the review only gets better after that!

Di Filippo says the book is a "political cyberthriller, vigorous, bold
and savvy about the limits of revolution and resistance," whose hero,
Masha, is "a protagonist worth rooting for, whose inner conflicts and
cognitive dissonances propel her to surprising, heroic actions."

He closes by saying that my work "charts the universal currents of the
human heart and soul with precision."

I mean, wow.

If you'd prefer an audiobook of Attack Surface; you're in luck! I
produced my own audio edition of the book, with Amber Benson narrating,
and it's amazing!

Those of you who backed the audio on Kickstarter will be getting your
emails from BackerKit shortly (I've got an email in to them and will
post an update to the KS as soon as they get back to me.

If you missed the presale, you can still get the audio, everywhere
EXCEPT Audible, who refuse to carry my work as it's DRM-free (that's why
I had to fund the audiobook; publishers aren't interested in the rights
to audio that can't be sold on the dominant platform).

Here's some of the stores carrying the book today:


Supporting Cast (Audiobooks from Slate):


I expect that both Downpour and Google Play should have copies for sale
any minute now (both have the book in their systems but haven't made it
live yet).

And of course, you can get it direct from me, along with all my other
ebooks and audiobooks:


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