[Doctorow-L] Radicalized is a Canada Reads finalist, will be a graphic novel, and is eligible for the Hugo Award!

Cory Doctorow doctorow at craphound.com
Wed Jan 22 09:33:59 EST 2020

 My 2019 book Radicalized has been named one of the five finalists for
Canada Reads, the CBC's annual book prize -- Canada's leading national
book award, alongside of the Governor General's award!

My book was nominated by Akil Augustine, a beloved Canadian sportscaster
and storyteller, and he'll be championing the book through the Canada
Reads process between now and March, when the winner is announced!

The festivities kick off tonight, Wednesday, January 22nd, when Akil,
me, and the other nominees and their champions will appear for a panel
discussion at Toronto's Eaton Centre Indigo Books at 7PM (free, but
reserved tickets are recommended!).

To celebrate this amazing news, I have two more announcements that I've
been dying to make:

1. The lead story from Radicalized, "Unauthorized Bread," is being
adapted as a graphic novel that Firstsecond will publish in 2022; I'm
working on the adaptation with the excellent Jenn Doyle, known for their
Knights Errant graphic novels.

2. Ars Technica has published Unauthorized Bread as a free online read
as of today!

Keen observers will recall that "Unauthorized Bread" is also in
development for television with Topic Studios, parent company of The

Needless to say, I'm very happy about all of this! And it would be
remiss for me not to add that all four of the novellas in Radicalized
are eligible for this year's Hugo Award -- nominations for which have
just opened -- and to add, frankly, that I really hope that if you are
going to nominate one of these tales for the award, that you make it
"Unauthorized Bread."

To make that case more thoroughly, please allow me to sweeten the pot
with this week's podcast, which includes the first 30 minutes of the
"Unauthorized Bread" audiobook, courtesy of Macmillan Audio, featuring
Lameece Issaq's incredible voice-acting. I'm very grateful to Macmillan
for giving me permission to share this audio with you.


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