[Doctorow-L] Personalized, signed copies of Little Brother/Homeland, with an intro by Ed Snowden

Cory Doctorow doctorow at craphound.com
Fri Jun 5 10:28:47 EDT 2020

During this month's uprisings, I've heard from hundreds of people who
wrote to tell me that they're reminded of my novels Little Brother and
Homeland, books in which youth-led uprising meet overwhelming,
militarized force and high-tech surveillance.

Often, people praise me for some kind of prescience in writing these
books; but as with so much science fiction, what looks like prediction
is actually observation. Cops have been ratcheting up surveillance and
militarization for longer than I've been writing.

I find this trend every bit as alarming as you do. The closer I observe
it, the more worried I become, especially as the private sector becomes
more and more central to the totalitarian project .

At that point, you're not just fighting systemic racism and paranoia in
law enforcement. Private sector procurements turn that into a chimera
where gladhanding commissioned salesfores offer junkets, massages, cash
and gear to cops who buy spy tech.

They recruit sports stars as spokespeople (and offer them shares in the


Their billionaire owners threaten reporters who disclose their role in
helping governments violate human rights and use attack lawyers to
secure misleading "retractions."


Periodically this boils over and I write a new Little Brother. The next
one, Attack Surface, is about a spy-tech hacker who realizes she's been
on the wrong side of things when her friend's Oakland BLM chapter is
targeted by the tools she developed.


In anticipation of that release, on Jul 7, Tor Books is publishing an
omnibus edition of Little Brother and Homeland, which Snowden - who
knows firsthand what it means to switch from spying on people to
defending them from spying - wrote an amazing intro for.

My local sf/horror/fantasy bookstore, Dark Delicacies, is offering
signed, personalized copies of the book, which you can preorder here:


They're hanging in there, despite having been kicked out of their home
of 25 years by a greedy landlord (who still hasn't managed to rent their
old space, and may he lose his shirt), and despite the pandemic. I'm so
pleased to be able to find a way to support them.

Dark Delicacies is also offering personalized, signed copies of my first
picture book, Poesy the Monster Slayer, which comes out the next week:


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